paul-2016-dock-postI have enjoyed two careers, one in Urban Planning and Community Development, which led to the second implementing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in large, medium and small business settings. I currently combine these endeavors as a Senior Planner with Harris County Community Services Department Office of Housing and Community Development in Houston, TX.

A holistic viewpoint arises from bridging the public and private sectors, learning history from many disciplines and scaling equivalent concern for the individual, associations and society throughout the generations and across the globe. I believe that truly sustainable development lies at the nexus between environmental restoration, economic development, social equity and safety/security.

My longstanding interest in the effects of global warming on coastal communities led me to graduate school at TSU’s Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs under Doctor Lalita Sen. TSU, an HBCU, housed the only combined Urban Planning-Environmental Policy program of its kind west of Dublin, Ireland at the time I began it in 2004. My research interests are sea level rise and adaptation planning. My goals include teaching the future to adapt to/mitigate climate change by applying then-current science and best-of-field planning tools like World Wide Web-enabled public participation, remote sensing and GIS applications.

Beyond all that, I love ideas that shape the future like bitcoin and Volocopter!

Specialties: Public Policy and Urban Planning/Design – 10 years.

Teaching/Tutoring – 3 years, GIS 2401 & 1411; paid prof. tutor; TA at TSU.

General/Business – 7 Years large decentralized client and mgt. groups.

GIS/CAD – ArcGIS 9.x (7 yrs); AnySite 6.0 to 5 users, geocoding; MapInfo (8 Yrs); Tactician (6 Yrs,); 2-3D AutoCAD. Shivam Geomatics Pvt Ltd.

Internet, Database and Computer Skills – DHTML (3 yrs). ArcIMS. CGI, JavaScript, XML, COM/DCOM, ASP; Oracle, SQL, FoxPro, AutoCAD, A+ cert.

Source: http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulsuckow

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