Tricks and Traditional Whiz-dim

One night I dreamed a dream.

One night I dreamed a dream after my spouse’s passing.

As I walked along a deserted beach alone with my thoughts,

The big sky flashed memories from our life. Beautiful ones, biter ones, one after the next.

Upon each memory, I imagined our two sets of footprints accompanied me along the way,

One belonging to me and one to my dear departed love.


After a lengthy reverie of our life’s times had passed before my eyes,

I looked back toward that long trail of footprints that marked our path together.

And obliterating our partnered steps along the journey of life,

And especially at those most difficult and saddest times,

A billion footprints could be found all blurred together.


This really troubled me now, so I questioned myself about it.

“How can it be, that as I’ve reviewed the times we’d lived,

That special path I thought we’d left in life’s sands,

I noticed that during the saddest and most burdensome times of our life,

Billions of footprints stepped all over our own.

I’d considered my life’s path far more special, precious and unique.”


Then answered the wind, “My precious child, you are so loved!

The trials and testing life offered brought your focus necessarily to yourself.

But those billions of footprints that you see,

Belong to a billion unknown far and wide who creatively walked with you and carried you through.

Be sure to thank those you meet along your path today and every day.”


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