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When thinking about environmental justice for all, can’t we stop playing around the edges and take the bully by the horns? Let’s talk about for-real Justice for slave-descended families…

What if the US reduced its wealth gap by distributing $2.77 trillion of 564 billionaires’ equity to 6 million slave-descended families that have each gone without their promised farm with mule since 1865? Each family would receive $462,944.00 in il-liquid equity shares from 564 former US billionaires, forever-after to be known as the US Council of Jubilee Patriots (the billion-dollar donor club).

Each donor would still hold personal equity of $99 million to keep them going on the day after equity transfers complete. As each reinvigorated super-rich donor family works to rebuild personal billions they once held, each would volunteer as (or arrange for) mentors for “their” set of slave-descended beneficiaries, with special attention to parolees mass-released from prisons across the country.

They’d tutor all in the fine arts of wealth building, which I understand to consist of buying only things that pay you even more money than you spend on them. Some Jubilee Patriots might even enjoy continuing to manage the whole amount of their former wealth as if it were still their family fortune.

Except after Jubilee day, their “families” will have grown tremendously! At least 1,946 additional slave-descended tribes will join the family of the smallest US billionaire (who owns the Patagonia brand) up to the case of super-billionaire Bill Gates at the top of the US pack who will at a stroke hand off 99.98 percent of he and Melinda’s holdings and (don’t ask me how) begin to mentor an amazing 188,362 newly wealthy black families.

Former $3.5 billionaire, US Jubilee Patriot President Donald J. Trump, would rank #205, a good bit above middle ranking on the Council. But I’m sure he would want to take on a much larger role, perhaps organizing hugely compelling reality TV coverage of the six million slave-descended families and their fabulously wealthy mentors as together they reach again for the stars.

We can all hope that those nest eggs would soon to grow in value to a million dollars and beyond. We might even pick up a thing or two of value for ourselves in the shared experience!

What a way to reduce the wealth gap between the millionaires and the billionaires, which is so much larger than the wealth gap between we regular folks and the millionaires among us! What a way to delay a horrible market crisis by spreading risk out much further. And if it succeeds, what a way to lead the world into a voluntary program of significant wealth gap reduction that justly rewards families most harmed by specific actions taken to build these great nations on Earth.

With reparations settled at last, and with all boats rising in a sea of optimism, we can go on to directly solve our real problems in the world such as heading off global heating due primarily to excess greenhouse gas and eliminating extreme poverty by ensuring universal water, food, education, contraception and health care! We can do this. So what do you think?


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