Intro…WhizDim of the Ages

My Daddy.  Lee Suckow passed away in May last year.  He spent a lifetime drawing pictures for fun and profit.  Here is one of my favorite from the 1980’s:


So appropriate for this winter, right?

What’s this?

  • I hope to hook a few people with a new and more intriguing post every week. No more than that.
  • Eventually, I hope to add micro-paid content for a bitcoin-toting public after this becomes widely adopted, perhaps as early as 2016 (but people who join this blog now may be “grandfathered” in, who knows?).  Bitcoin is different from other forms money because it can split into infinitely small slices known as micro payments.  A penny can be transmitted as cheaply and efficiently as a dollar.  So can a hundredth-penny.  I’d like to fulfill bitcoin’s potential for providing cheap thrills fulfilled in a happy and enlightening way.
  • If you are a content provider or author that would like to have a roll in this blog, contact me and we can discuss!  I welcome public-spirited community.

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